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Established in 1995, Zhongshan LUCK & JINYING amusement machine manusfacturing Co.,Ltd. (formerly Zhongshan Jinying amusement machine factroy), is the member of international association of amusement parks and attractions (IAAPA), and also the council member of the executiveof China association of amusement parks and attrations (CAAPA).

By continuous efforts and development, she has been one of the specialized production bases with her own characteristics in the amusement product industry in China. At present she has won the "special equipment production license" issued by the state and more than 20 kinds of exterior patent and production patent, and has made a bright page for China's amusement machine industry.

Nowadays, "LUCK & JINYING" has introduced the advancd production equipment and sophisticated technology from abroad. On the basis of solid hardwares, dynamic ideas, and advanced technology,she has been committed to the development of indoor and outdoor amusement machines from small to medium and big size, and of carnival equipments. Regarding the production management, she has been accredited by ISO9001:2008 quality control system and also has stricty executed China's national standard of amusement machines and equipments.

"LUCK & JINYING" not only manufactoures and exports to all over the world, but also welcomes OEM and ODM production for the customers and distributors in the amusement industry.

LUCK & JINYING makes a new entertainment world. 

  • Warmly congratulate our company

    Warmly congratulate our company "Bo Bo Xiong Paradise" won the 2017 Zhongshan game entertainment outstanding copyright works Award

  • 2016 China (Zhongshan) International Game Amusement Fair

    2016 China (Zhongshan) International Game Amusement Fair

    2016 China (Zhongshan) International Game Amusement Fair Trade Fair, in October 20-16, 2016 in Zhongshan City Expo Center Pavilion was held.
    In line with the company in March the new factory relocation, production capacity doubled, with the company's continuous efforts for many years, continue to develop, link the mainland and Pan Pacific market, promote the music market marketing at home and abroad.
    The exhibition is the largest exhibition of the past year. The exhibition is held in two venues. The main venue is Zhongshan City Expo Center. The meeting place is held in the game industry of Hengfeng Road, Harbor Town. In the main venue of our booth area of ??81 square meters, the Division I exhibited the 37 square meters of mobile floor without Skynet bumper car (including four new PPC113W-B, PPC113W, PPC102W, PPC104W bumper car), the new product " "And the most selling products" Bo Bo Xiongji Pu "," Bo Bo Xiong Paradise ", etc .; in the sub-venue, I Division in the possession of their new plant advantage, showing the latest research products" 8 fire engines "and" Double seabed legend "and other hot products.
  • 2017 Zhongshan Tour Fair

    2017 Zhongshan Tour Fair

    To meet the 2017 Zhongshan Expo, the company added 14 patents have been accepted, including five invention patents, five utility models, four appearance patents.

  • 2016 moved to inform the letter

    2016 moved to inform the letter

    Thank you for your long history of my company's attention and support.
    Our company has been in March 25, 2016 in the new self-built plant for production and office.
    In the future also hope that you as always support and help.
    New address: (Chinese)
    No. 2, Hengfeng Road, Port Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Post Code: 528400 (English)
    ADD: N0.2 Heng Feng Liu Lu Road, GuangKou Town, ZHONGSHAN CITY, GUANGDONG, CHINA.
    OFFICE TEL: 0760-88792138 (no change) Fax (OFFICE FA1D: 0760-88716162 (no change)
    E-mail: luckMuck-game. Com http: // www. Luck-game, com
NO.2 HengFeng Liu Road, GangKou Town, Zhongshan City Guangdong China.
Phone: + 86-760-88792138 (12 lines)
Fax: + 86-760-88716162
E-mail: luck@wangye.dkzag.cn
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